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Dr. Butler, Dr. Collette and Dr. Porter have earned the “Premier” provider status with invisalign®; due to their extensive knowledge, expertise and experience with this treatment option for their patients. As Invisalign specialists, Tri-City Orthodontics are committed to providing the most advanced solutions in orthodontic care. One such solution is with invisalign® for adults and invisalign teen®, the modern alternative to metal braces for straightening teeth, resulting in the creation of a healthy and beautiful smile.  Without brackets or wires, the invisalign® clear aligners are custom fitted to each patient, and are virtually undetectable when you wear them.  Simply insert a new set of aligners approximately every two weeks until your treatment is complete, resulting in that confident smile you have always wanted!

The invisalign® clear, plastic aligners are created from sophisticated 3-D imaging technology. They are comfortable and removable. Invisalign is a popular choice for patients who are ultimately concerned about the appearance of braces during normal daily activities. This treatment is available to adult and teen patients and average treatment time is about one year.

invisalign teen® has a built-in assurance check; each aligner has blue indicators that fade over time when used as directed, so we can track compliance. invisalign® aligners are ideal for teens that want to play sports or musical instruments without traditional braces potentially getting in the way.

If you feel this is the solution for you, no referral is required so give us a call at 509-946-7989 or complete the form below today to schedule a Free, No Obligation consultation!

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